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I like limes. A lot. I also like tea. So I put the two together in this super simple, sparkling iced tea magical concoction.

Started out by brewing a few PG Tips…

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I have an obscene number of bloggie boos to get through – dinners and snacks and a magnificent s’mores pie! So until I can get my digital act together (and because I was so pumped to document my Easter brunch), here’s what I made today!

I figured what better way to commemorate Easter meals than to bring with the mint. I scoured a couple o’ Whole Foods and Safeway and the Korean natural foods market down the way, but without success – Practically everyone in this city is cooking with mint today! And of course, in a last ditch effort, I stumbled upon the most enticing bunch of fresh mint at the little produce stand, half a block from my house!

Got it home and set to making mint tea!

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Hi, I’m Lauriebot!

I live in San Francisco. I used to live in NYC, Washington DC, and London.

I like to take the pictures.

I like color, excess, food, light, clothes, and going places.

I also like talking to people.

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