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I used to thrift… a lot. Practically every weekend I was scouring the Goodwills & Salvation Armys & Value Villages of the DC metro area. Then I moved to NYC where thrift stores are overpriced and completely picked over by fashion insiders. Now I live in San Francisco where there are great thrift stores with great prices, but I have no money. So I’m forced to go digging in the back of my closet to find things I don’t wear often in order to satisy my ever present desire for new clothes.

Today, my closet digging resulted in the re-discovery of one of my favorite thrifty finds – this giant orangey red wool kilty type thing that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place during Axl Rose’s unfortunate (yet kinda hot) foray into kilts in the early 90s:

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I wore my Michael Hutchence ensemble:

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I bought a black velvet bralette and re-discovered my love for Michael Hutchence at 3:57 yesterday afternoon.

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Had another show last night, with super mod 60s styling (piccies soon, hopefully!)… we’re talking opaque tights, miniskirts, crocheted jumpers and teased bouffants as far as the heavily kohled eye can see. Due to the massive amounts of industrial strength hairspray that my stylist, Brandi doused on my locks, I am currently still sporting a very, VERY teased crown.

So of course, I couldn’t help but attempt to bring out my inner Bardot. Kept everything simple, so as to not take away too much from the hair – an easy cropped vintage sweater from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (snottiest hipsters ever work there, but occasionally you’ll find some good stuff!) and that ubiquitous American Apparel tube skirt. Rounded things out with my new dream boots that I got at Goodwill the other day. I adore the fit and the soft broken in leather of these babies… if only they didn’t have that ridiculous Janeane-Garofolo-circa-1992 chunky heel! I plan on taking them to a shoe guy to see if they can swap them out for something a little more demure.

Behold, my Bardotism:

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An impromptu girldate required a short skirt.
A short skirt required a good jump.
A good jump required a bright flash.
A bright flash required a fun shoot.

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I wore this to try and weasel my way out of jury duty.

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Man, I can’t wait to get my camera back from the shop – it’s left a big ol’ 40D shaped hole in my heart. In the meantime I’ll just have to make do with my point & shoot! What I wore the other day:

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The past couple of weeks have definitely been a period of adjustment for me. I don’t have a set schedule for the first time in almost three years and unfortunately, this lack of structure has caused me to indulge in far too many hours in front of the tube, playing Wii, watching Bravo reality shows and movies On Demand. My camera’s issues only exacerbate the problem since I would normally fill all this free time with photo projects and self-imposed pictorial scavenger hunts. This rigorous agenda of puttering around the house has, not surprisingly, taken a toll on my wardrobe; I’ve resigned myself to a supremely casual uniform of jeans, tee and cardigan. Every day. Ugh.

But I think I’m beginning to get my steam back now. I’m finally coming out of my wardrobe slump and realizing that just because I don’t go to work everyday, doesn’t mean that I have to stop caring about what I wear! I have two closets full of garments that are just begging to be reworked and layered and remixed into fresh ensembles!

So to start it off… yesterday’s Frida Kahlo inspired get-up:

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Yesterday, I was networking queen.

First, I put together a very serious business ensemble without even realizing it. Basically, I was just trying to find a way to make my new Helmut Lang tank work for the office. I’ve yet to find any nude-colored garments that are the right shade for me, so until then, I’ll just stick with good ol’ basic black. The tank itself is uber casz, so I figured I’d step it up with a very elegant, mega high-waisted pencil skirt from the fella’s days at Betsey.  Layered my trusty black blazer over it all to safeguard against any ta-ta spillage and topped it off with my fabulous, fabulous Pour La Victoires and heavy black eyeliner.

Needless to say, I was feeling all kinds of fierce.

Then, a few hours into the workday, I was reminded that I had RSVP’d to a work event in Chelsea that I really had to attend. Popped a few extra business cards into my pocket and my co-worker and I headed over to the far reaches of the island.

We’ve all been to literally TONS of these after-work to-dos and usually they’re the same old thing: a few sales pitches, maybe a presentation, lots of hor d’oeuvres and a whole mess of (surprisingly) poorly accessorized design junkies.

This time, however, we were pleasantly surprised! There was a full open bar, very tasty treats and quite a few interesting guests who provided stimulating conversation and occasionally hilarious banter. I passed out those business cards like it was job (it kind of was) and had an overwhelmingly enjoyable time, no doubt partially due to the delicious cocktails and my power ensemble:

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Yet another rainy Monday, yet another dress up day!

This time… white light and electric colors:

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