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Good lord, do I love fried.

Fried meats, fried ice cream, fried veg. If it’s fried, chances are I’m going to love it. The following is absolutely no exception. Behold, my easy-peasy, I’ve got a freezer full of chicken breasts and not much else weeknight dinner: Chicken Milanese and Escarole Salad w/ Pickled Onions!

This dinner is ridiculously easy, and even more ridiculously delicious. Started out with two skinless, boneless chicken boobs, seasoning them generously with sea salt and cracked pepper.

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It was warm(ish) and summery(ish) last weekend, so a couple o’ my ladyfriends decided to throw a potluck BBQ at the park. I’m never one to turn down a potluck (not to mention that the mere mention of charcoal-grilled meats gets my heart all a-tizzy), so I RSVP’d “hell to the yes” and set about making a suitable side dish.

I knew I wanted to make something green and fresh, but I wanted something a little more interesting than the standard mixed greens with bottled dressing situation. So I combed the blogosphere and came up with a Green Bean & Heirloom Cherry Tomato Salad!

Started out by topping & tailing about 1 lb of green beans…

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Impromptu steak dinner!

Steak Salad.

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