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I wore my Michael Hutchence ensemble:

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I waited in consumerist agony, with bated breath, for that most blessed of days to roll around: December 20. Sure, I was pumped for Christmas, but I was almost even more anxious for the 20th to come around because that was the day that Rodarte’s long-awaited collection finally dropped at Target! Yippee! I had missed out on the Pop-Up Store due to my reluctance to wait in a long ass line in windy/icy/rainy conditions just to purchase a bow belt, so I was extra excited to get my hands on the full collection!

Due to a monetary gift from my fella’s mom and stepdad, I was able to procure two lovely Rodarget frocks and a deliciously sheer mesh top with an oversized ascot-ish bow at the collar!

I know there was some apprehension in the fashion world regarding this collection – yeah, yeah, it’s a real departure from their normal aesthetic, but let’s think about this… This is Target. Target is for America. And we all know how (the average) American is with fashion. So keeping that in mind, I really think that these pieces are pretty fashion-forward and I adore them!

The first piece that I immediately plotzed over was the icy blue swiss dot dress… just omg. It’s perfectly floaty, the color is delicious and it fits like a dream, despite the weird “juniors” sizing! So far, I’ve styled it two ways: 1). vintage ice princess with a modern sensibility and 2). 80s-ish rocker chick reminiscent of a fuzzy memory I have of Family Ties when either Jennifer or Mallory is in a girl group that performs wearing poufy prom dresses and killer jean jackets. But instead of a jean jacket (which I don’t wear because they inevitably make me feel like I’m 12 years old again), I rocked it with my brand new shrunken leather motorcycle jacket, courtesy of Spencer!

Without further ado… the maiden voyage of my first Rodarget dress:

Look 1

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Yesterday, I was networking queen.

First, I put together a very serious business ensemble without even realizing it. Basically, I was just trying to find a way to make my new Helmut Lang tank work for the office. I’ve yet to find any nude-colored garments that are the right shade for me, so until then, I’ll just stick with good ol’ basic black. The tank itself is uber casz, so I figured I’d step it up with a very elegant, mega high-waisted pencil skirt from the fella’s days at Betsey.  Layered my trusty black blazer over it all to safeguard against any ta-ta spillage and topped it off with my fabulous, fabulous Pour La Victoires and heavy black eyeliner.

Needless to say, I was feeling all kinds of fierce.

Then, a few hours into the workday, I was reminded that I had RSVP’d to a work event in Chelsea that I really had to attend. Popped a few extra business cards into my pocket and my co-worker and I headed over to the far reaches of the island.

We’ve all been to literally TONS of these after-work to-dos and usually they’re the same old thing: a few sales pitches, maybe a presentation, lots of hor d’oeuvres and a whole mess of (surprisingly) poorly accessorized design junkies.

This time, however, we were pleasantly surprised! There was a full open bar, very tasty treats and quite a few interesting guests who provided stimulating conversation and occasionally hilarious banter. I passed out those business cards like it was job (it kind of was) and had an overwhelmingly enjoyable time, no doubt partially due to the delicious cocktails and my power ensemble:

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Yet another rainy Monday, yet another dress up day!

This time… white light and electric colors:

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I had a fabulous day yesterday…

1. I wore my brand new Pour La Victoire platform slingbacks yesterday and there is only one acronym that can express what it felt like: OMG. They are wildly comfortable (despite the 5 inch heel), like jump-up-and-down comfortable.

2. I wore said magical slingbacks with a light sweater dress I got at Opening Ceremony a while back that gives me the illusion of bod.

3. Our corporate office is moving offices so our computer systems went down at noon – meaning a soft work day on a Friday afternoon!

4. Ordered a giant, delicious pizza for dinner and then American Beauty came on right when I sat down on the couch.

Just lovely…

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I realize this shoe is ripping off no less than 3 designers, but I love it nonetheless:

Pour La Victoire Felicia Sandal

UPDATE: They’re mine and I couldn’t be happier! Pictures soon!

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