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I’m a little overwhelmed… In the past few months, I’ve cooked something (sometimes, multiple somethings) just about everyday. As a result, I have an embarrassing number of back-bloggie boos to attend to. So many, in fact, that I can’t even think about them right now.

So instead, I’ll back pedal into my old ways, and do a little fashiony post!

Here are my favorite clutches & various other hand accessories…

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Some pals threw a 50s/Eames party the other day, which was a wonderful opportunity for two things – 1. to attempt a few specifically 50s party treats and, more importantly, 2. to break out a vintage cocktail dress I purchased 10 years ago, but have never worn.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I discovered the magic of Ebay. I spent most of my digital time perusing¬† listings for out of print 45s of obscure English dark wave bands and first editions of pretentious literature. It wasn’t until my senior year, with prom looming on the horizon, that I began delving into options for fabulous prom dresses. Being that my income was solely generated by babysitting, I figured Ebay was my best bet.

I had visions of frothy layers of chiffon, fitted bodices and candy colors. And after a few short weeks… I found it! A beautiful 50s confection at a ridiculously low starting price. I bid (and bid and bid) and 5 days later, it was mine!

And then, I decided to forgo prom in favor of a once in a lifetime chance to see my then favorite band perform in the US for the first time in 10 years. Screw prom, I thought, but what to do about this magnificent frock?!

In completely predictable Laurie fashion, it sat in my closet for many years. Until Saturday!

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I think it’s safe to say that my primary digital interests have shifted from clothes to food over the past year.

Perhaps this is a result of my moving from the fashion capital of the US to one of the more prominent foodie capitals. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a lot more free time, and have divvied it up between afternoons at the farmers’ market and long hours in my kitchen. Regardless of the catalyst, this is now a food blog.

However, my vanity has not entirely subsided, so I will drop in the occasional self-indulgent what-I’m-wearing/self-portrait post… And this is one of them.

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Red, Blue, & Yellow!

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I have a favorite jacket. A Ralph Lauren little boy suit jacket from the early 90s that belonged to my little brother. He only wore it once (and I’m almost positive it was for a funeral), but I still like to give my mom a hard time that Justin was rockin’ Ralph Lauren as a young’un, whilst I was perpetually draped in terrycloth.

Somehow I got over my sartorial envy and discovered that this little baby is shrunken in all the right places and completely flattering! I have a hard time finding things with sleeves that are long enough (my arms are freakishly long), so a few years ago, I decided to embrace my monkey arms and go to the extreme opposite… shrunken city, population me!

I wear this thing sooo often – I’ve actually put a pretty substantial hole through the right elbow! It’s a bit absurd that I’ve never posted any pictures of it! So here goes… the maiden (digital) voyage of my beloved boys’ Ralph Lauren…

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Spent a magical afternoon in the Haight with my good pal, Cory, with every intention of helping him deplete his bank account down to a level we’re both more comfortable with. Unfortunately, an amazing green tartan cape called out to me from the 25% off rack.

It’s the perfect length.

It’s in perfect condition.

And oh yes, it’s reversible.

I’m in love! And it’s totally cape season here in SF! I put this baby on and I’m instantly a non-creepy, non-tiny Christina Ricci circa The Ice Storm. Hooray!

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At last year’s Paul Smith friend’s & family sample sale, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon this exquisite collection vest. It was a small fortune, even at the greatly discounted sale price, so I hid it deep in a box of slightly irregular t-shirts and decided to sleep on it. Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, dreaming of how fabulous I would look in it as I pranced around New York City, so I mustered the resolve (and the cash) to buy it the next day.

By the grace of a power higher than myself, the vest still lay, undisturbed, in its cottony tomb of tees. And by the same power, and the superior haggling skills of my fella, I bought that bad boy at an insanely reasonable price!

I brought it home, lovingly cradled in my arms, hung it on a fancy cedar hanger and admired how beautiful it looked hanging in my closet. And there it remained. For many moons. Then I moved to California, where it continues to rest in my closet, unworn!

Until today.

Can I get a woot woot for the maiden voyage of this sartorial wonder of the world?

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I used to thrift… a lot. Practically every weekend I was scouring the Goodwills & Salvation Armys & Value Villages of the DC metro area. Then I moved to NYC where thrift stores are overpriced and completely picked over by fashion insiders. Now I live in San Francisco where there are great thrift stores with great prices, but I have no money. So I’m forced to go digging in the back of my closet to find things I don’t wear often in order to satisy my ever present desire for new clothes.

Today, my closet digging resulted in the re-discovery of one of my favorite thrifty finds – this giant orangey red wool kilty type thing that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place during Axl Rose’s unfortunate (yet kinda hot) foray into kilts in the early 90s:

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Today’s outfit… short & sweet.

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I wore my Michael Hutchence ensemble:

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