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Here are some food-related IPhone piccies to tide me over until I can get my act together and get to bloggin’ some more recipes…

Diner Breakfast…

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S and I finally had a day off together.

And what did we decide to do?

Why, travel to the land of vampirical Lost Boys {Santa Cruz}, of course.

Here are the things we saw today.

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Went for a walk round Alamo Square and saw the following:

a bold crow…

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I went for a ride to Twin Peaks…

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Despite my love of dress-up and gorging one’s self on complex carbohydrates, Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me. That is until my fella, Spencer, came into the picture. Spencer lives for Halloween, like he begins planning his costume months in advance.

Last year, we had a MASSIVE soiree (6 in the mornin’!) at our Brooklyn apartment. This year, since we’re new to San Francisco, a big bash wasn’t really in the cards. Instead we dressed up to wander around the Dogpatch (eventually ending up at a warehouse party along the piers) and then indulged in the bacchanalian spectacle that is the Dia De Los Muertos parade in the Mission.

Photographic proof of our escapades… Friday in Dogpatch:

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I’ve been a little absent, due to my preoccupation with packing and readying myself for the big journey westward… and it’s begun! I’m currently sitting in a tiny hotel room in Ohio, dreaming of starry skies and sandstone arches and Gabbs, Nevada. All in good time!

I’m probably not going to get to many outfit piccies/posts anytime soon because of the traveling, but please feel free to check out my new travel project, Population: Space Ghost! I’m basically expounding upon Adult Swim’s show, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast by actually taking (and photographing) Space Ghost from coast to coast. Wee!

Here’s the last picture I took on my way out of New York:

See you later, New York!

Here are a few things I saw lately:

My living room in charming disarray…

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After an already superbusy, go-go-go weekend, we decided to slow things down on saturday night. We spent a wholesome evening at the lanes and then enjoyed a couple o’ sweet treats at a diner round the way:

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I’ve lived in NYC for almost 3 years now. Not coincidentally, I have not steadily driven a car for almost 3 years now. Sure, there have been the odd Zipcar day when I really need to go to IKEA or rental car days to go see grandma, but for the most part, I have been without vehicle for almost 3 years now.

So imagine my delight upon arriving home in DC, to find that my mom’s car was in dire need of a washing! Field trip to the car wash! My siblings and I piled into the old Cadillac and headed over to our friendly local car wash. My little sister had never sat inside the car during the wash, so of course we had to partake!

It was a blast:

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