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I am an old fogey.

Despite his earth-shattering popularity and omnipresent manbangs, I have never heard a song by that loveable Canadian, Justin Bieber.

Until today… ish.

Here’s a ridiculously wonderful video of my uber-talented little sister, singing a Bieber song. And I’m not gonna lie… I got a little misty…

Last week, I went to the Grammys! The evening was rife with famous people and people who want to be famous, talented musicians and otherwise. I wore my poufy Anzevino & Florence dress as planned and had a blast!

After our whirlwind tour of LA that morning, Shyrynne and I bustled back to the hotel to get ready. Quick shower, primping and strutting and we’re out the door, en route to the Staples Center by 3:30. In our seats by 4. Lights lowered by 4:45. And… Go!

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I bought a black velvet bralette and re-discovered my love for Michael Hutchence at 3:57 yesterday afternoon.

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Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the genius that is the following:

On “It Might Get Loud“…

1. Jack White‘s public persona can undoubtedly be described as “turd burglar”, but his penchants for tweed bowties and 1930s black man blues easily override this assessment. And despite his doughy, possibly anemic visage, I still find him more than a little hot.

2. The Edge is to music what molecular gastronomy is to cooking; the science of music and the science of cooking, respectively. Not that I expected it to, but this movie didn’t do anything to endear me to The Edge at all. Discounting the fact that the man has referred to himself as “The Edge” for all these years, his approach seems so cold and so scientific, without any of the passion and fire that drew me to music in the first place. In a word – ew.

3. I kind of want Jimmy Page to be my grampa.

I heart this song:

Can we please take a moment to acknowledge how strange and amazing this young lady’s voice is… Seriously, I’m smitten. She’s got this Grace Slick/R&B chanteuse/wood nymph/theater geek thing going on and it’s wildly appealing. I learned about her here!

Florence and the Machine:

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