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Halloween was excellent this year.

Just excellent…

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I have a favorite jacket. A Ralph Lauren little boy suit jacket from the early 90s that belonged to my little brother. He only wore it once (and I’m almost positive it was for a funeral), but I still like to give my mom a hard time that Justin was rockin’ Ralph Lauren as a young’un, whilst I was perpetually draped in terrycloth.

Somehow I got over my sartorial envy and discovered that this little baby is shrunken in all the right places and completely flattering! I have a hard time finding things with sleeves that are long enough (my arms are freakishly long), so a few years ago, I decided to embrace my monkey arms and go to the extreme opposite… shrunken city, population me!

I wear this thing sooo often – I’ve actually put a pretty substantial hole through the right elbow! It’s a bit absurd that I’ve never posted any pictures of it! So here goes… the maiden (digital) voyage of my beloved boys’ Ralph Lauren…

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I wore this to try and weasel my way out of jury duty.

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Lately, my daily outfits have been stuck in a rut; it’s hard to care about what you’re wearing when all you do is clean the apartment and walk the dog. But I’m determined to turn this around. Determined!

Jeans – his Cheap Mondays
Sweater – Vintage
Belt – Paul Smith

While attempting to tackle the wild jungle of items that we call our wardrobes, Spencer stumbled across yet another pair of pants that he no longer wears. These are from the beginning of our relationship, back when he still favored uber-tight jeans that practically required a shoehorn just to get into them.

Those days are long gone and guess who reaps the benefits?

I was feeling a little early ’90s today, so I paired these light jeans with a simple black tee and a pair of super tall platforms.

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Not feeling too well, so it looks like it’s going to be an uber-casz wardrobe day.

Case in point, Spencer’s old Faint tee.

While they have basically nothing to do with metal, wearing this baby makes me feel decidedly tough.

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I’m going through a loose pants phase… specifically, a wearing-my fella’s-pants phase. Perhaps the boyfriend jean trend has finally infiltrated my better judgement, coercing me to succumb. Regardless, I’m loving wearing slightly oversized pants and I can’t believe that I’m just now noticing that Spencer and I can wear a startling portion of each others’ wardrobes!

The other day, I was trying to put together what to wear for an unexpectedly warm day. It was just shy of 70, the sun was shining, and I had work that day. Heels have been killing me lately, so I decided that whatever I wore that day would have to go with my white mocs, because those were the only kicks I could bear to rock all day. Perusing the goods in my closet, I was uninspired. What to do?! I had 10 minutes to figure it out before I had to head to work. I slapped on a short-ish black skirt with my one and only 3.1 Phillip Lim piece, but it just wasn’t working. Aaarrgh… time was running out and my whole day could potentially be ruined by an uncomfortable/uninspired ensemble.

That’s when I saw them peeking from under a mountain of our stuff on the ironing board. Dark grey, lightweight flannel. Hmm, I thought to myself… dare I cross into that forbidden territory of my boyfriend’s pants? I swallowed hard and took the plunge. And lo and behold… I love them! They fit like a dream, so soft, slouchy in just the right places and hit low on my hips. Perfect!

And I was ready for my day:

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Yesterday was gorgeous, like sunshine beaming down on fields of unicorns gorgeous. Clear skies, gentle breezes. So Nina and I celebrated by going on a 3 hour expedition (read: walk) around Williamsburg! We walked all the way to the water and she couldn’t have been happier. I brought my Golden Half camera along – will probably develop those soon!

When we got home, it was time for a little nap and then later, the roomie made us some delicious stuffed peppers and we watched the sexiest episode of My So-Called Life (I’m lookin at you, “boiler room”)! All in all, a perfect Sunday!

As a result of my uber-casual day, I wore an uncharacteristically casual outfit:

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