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I don’t think people nowadays wear enough hats. I’m not talking baseball hats or f-ing urban outfitters fedoras, I’m talking real hats. Hats that people wore to church. Hats people wore to luncheons and Macy’s sales and trips to the Cape.

I’m lucky enough to have cultivated a small wardrobe of vintage headcoverings, but sadly, I don’t wear them nearly often enough! Planning to correctify that soon though, since the windy season is beginning to die down and I will no longer have the fear that my beloved chapeau will be blown off my head, landing directly in a gutter filled with questionable substances.

But until I have that opportunity, I’m satisfied with chapeau-centric photoshoots.

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The other Rodarte for Target dress I got is a lot simpler… just a basic, pullover sheathy-type thing with an elasticized waistband… and I love it! It’s made of polyester (it IS made for Target), but the material feels like crepey silk and it has a subtle sheen that makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Like practically everyone else in the world who got this dress, I also wish that it was actually overlayed in lace, rather than just being a printed lace pattern, but it’s still a gorgeous piece!

I accidentally styled this one a little hipstery, but it’s so versatile that I’m sure I’ll come up with something good soon! It’ll probably look great with long cardigans and/or skinny belts and the color options for accessories is practically endless due to the neutral color of the dress. Speaking of the color, this beigey situation is definitely a departure for me; usually I steer clear of “nudes” because those shades are practically never flattering to my skin tone. And I always end up looking muddy and uncomfortable. Not so with this dress! I think the black tempers the beige and makes it more universal. Yay!

Check it:

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I waited in consumerist agony, with bated breath, for that most blessed of days to roll around: December 20. Sure, I was pumped for Christmas, but I was almost even more anxious for the 20th to come around because that was the day that Rodarte’s long-awaited collection finally dropped at Target! Yippee! I had missed out on the Pop-Up Store due to my reluctance to wait in a long ass line in windy/icy/rainy conditions just to purchase a bow belt, so I was extra excited to get my hands on the full collection!

Due to a monetary gift from my fella’s mom and stepdad, I was able to procure two lovely Rodarget frocks and a deliciously sheer mesh top with an oversized ascot-ish bow at the collar!

I know there was some apprehension in the fashion world regarding this collection – yeah, yeah, it’s a real departure from their normal aesthetic, but let’s think about this… This is Target. Target is for America. And we all know how (the average) American is with fashion. So keeping that in mind, I really think that these pieces are pretty fashion-forward and I adore them!

The first piece that I immediately plotzed over was the icy blue swiss dot dress… just omg. It’s perfectly floaty, the color is delicious and it fits like a dream, despite the weird “juniors” sizing! So far, I’ve styled it two ways: 1). vintage ice princess with a modern sensibility and 2). 80s-ish rocker chick reminiscent of a fuzzy memory I have of Family Ties when either Jennifer or Mallory is in a girl group that performs wearing poufy prom dresses and killer jean jackets. But instead of a jean jacket (which I don’t wear because they inevitably make me feel like I’m 12 years old again), I rocked it with my brand new shrunken leather motorcycle jacket, courtesy of Spencer!

Without further ado… the maiden voyage of my first Rodarget dress:

Look 1

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Despite my love of dress-up and gorging one’s self on complex carbohydrates, Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me. That is until my fella, Spencer, came into the picture. Spencer lives for Halloween, like he begins planning his costume months in advance.

Last year, we had a MASSIVE soiree (6 in the mornin’!) at our Brooklyn apartment. This year, since we’re new to San Francisco, a big bash wasn’t really in the cards. Instead we dressed up to wander around the Dogpatch (eventually ending up at a warehouse party along the piers) and then indulged in the bacchanalian spectacle that is the Dia De Los Muertos parade in the Mission.

Photographic proof of our escapades… Friday in Dogpatch:

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Two rad things have happened lately…

1. I finally bunkered down and purchased that new lens I’ve been salivating over forever – Canon 85mm f 1.8… utterly droolworthy.

2.I’ve been growing my hair out for the past few months and I’m pleased to report that it can basically be considered long now. Woot!

Also, here’s what¬† I wore today:

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Paul Smith is having their annual Friends & Family sample sale; this is cause for much merriment. It runs for two glorious, discount-filled days and let me tell you… it’s been amazing! As soon as I walked in, I was blown away by rack after rack of fabulous garments from this great English designer. So many colors and textures and the shoes… oh God… the shoes.

I scored a pretty sweet haul, mostly accessories and this lovely, lovely bandeau bathing suit that I seriously coveted last year. Here’s the first run – this great floppy straw hat and a very intensely yellow belt! When paired with my T by Alexander Wang dress, I totally feel like a spy, a woman of mystery, if you will.

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A deserted beach is possibly the best alternative to mood-elevators I can think of. Spencer had the day off yesterday, so we decided to take advantage of our time together and have ourselves a little mini-vacay. After a long (and unbelievably fun) weekend, I figured we were both in need of a little nature detox, so we piled into a ZipCar and headed out for an adventure.

Seeing as how it’s been unseasonably warm the past few days, going to the beach was basically a no-brainer. But which beach? It had to be somewhere at least slightly remote. It had to be dog-friendly. It had to be clean. Those criteria took us to Fort Tilden, an abandoned military base/nature preserve near the western tip of the Rockaways.

The sky was clear, azure blue and the temperature hovered around 80 F. Giant birds of prey swooped down at the sea to scoop up clams and crabs. I spotted approximately 12 people during the six hours we spent there (two of them, naked). It was exactly what I needed!

Dear Fort Tilden, I love you. Love, Laurie…

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One dress, two ways:

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I wore my fabulous new bucket hat today and it was a big success! One of the advantages of living in New York City is that you can basically wear anything and feel comfortable because there will always be someone who looks crazier than you.

So I stepped out in my new hat and I was feeling good. Got a few funny looks from passers-by and one gentleman actually turned to take it all in while we both waited to cross the street. I just smiled and continued on my way. I like to believe that people assumed I was famous because only a famous person would wear such a fabulous hat.

Here’s how I wore it to work today:

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I got a new hat today:

Hat – Goorin
Coat – Betsey Johnson
Jeans – Cheap Monday
Boots – Frye
Bag – Eryn Brinie

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