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Not a lot of talk on this one – Just a super simple, super delicious recipe for giant sugary popovers! These came out kind of like elephant ears (no complaints ovah here) and made an awesome breakfast snack for weekend visitors… Prepare yourself for David Leibovitz’s sugar-crusted popovers…

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Many, many moons ago, there was a delicious crop of asparagus at the markets and I had a serious hankering for slab bacon. After checking out what my fave food bloggers were up to, I decided to try the following hash as a welcome home breakfast for S when he returned from visiting his fam back in DC.

It has elements of all of my favorite dishes… bacon, hearty/filling ingredients and a one-pot nature. All good things, especially when combined in a breakfast!

Without further ado, Asparagus & Slab Bacon Hash!

Started out with about 1/2 pound of glorious slab bacon, cut into chunks…

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I will forever adore ginger. Gingersnaps. Ginger ale. Candied ginger. I’m pretty indiscriminate when it comes to that most beloved of sweet & spicy delicacies. And now, that love has been extended to ginger fried rice.

Now fried rice is nothing new – it’s basically comfort food, something easy (and consistently delicious) to order from whatever takeout place delivers. But I’d never attempted making it on my own. And this recipe is so easy, especially for a fried rice newbie like myself. Check it!

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I knew that it would take me a little bit of time to get through the main dish I wanted to make for Easter brunch, so I prepared these little babies as appetizers – Eggs Cocotte! I’ve had and loved all kinds of baked eggs, but I’d never tried making them myself and let me tell ya, these are crazy easy to make!

You start out with a bit of spinach…

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Mmm, corned beef hash…

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