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Despite my love of dress-up and gorging one’s self on complex carbohydrates, Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me. That is until my fella, Spencer, came into the picture. Spencer lives for Halloween, like he begins planning his costume months in advance.

Last year, we had a MASSIVE soiree (6 in the mornin’!) at our Brooklyn apartment. This year, since we’re new to San Francisco, a big bash wasn’t really in the cards. Instead we dressed up to wander around the Dogpatch (eventually ending up at a warehouse party along the piers) and then indulged in the bacchanalian spectacle that is the Dia De Los Muertos parade in the Mission.

Photographic proof of our escapades… Friday in Dogpatch:

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The past couple of weeks have definitely been a period of adjustment for me. I don’t have a set schedule for the first time in almost three years and unfortunately, this lack of structure has caused me to indulge in far too many hours in front of the tube, playing Wii, watching Bravo reality shows and movies On Demand. My camera’s issues only exacerbate the problem since I would normally fill all this free time with photo projects and self-imposed pictorial scavenger hunts. This rigorous agenda of puttering around the house has, not surprisingly, taken a toll on my wardrobe; I’ve resigned myself to a supremely casual uniform of jeans, tee and cardigan. Every day. Ugh.

But I think I’m beginning to get my steam back now. I’m finally coming out of my wardrobe slump and realizing that just because I don’t go to work everyday, doesn’t mean that I have to stop caring about what I wear! I have two closets full of garments that are just begging to be reworked and layered and remixed into fresh ensembles!

So to start it off… yesterday’s Frida Kahlo inspired get-up:

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I’m a notoriously bad planner. So I usually don’t plan out what I’m going to wear each day – I just dress for my moods. This week, since my mood has been terrible, I’ve tried to counterbalance it by wearing things that make me very happy, be they new (I’m looking at you T by Alexander Wang dress) or darling vintage with sentimental value like the Christian Dior skirt I wore today.

I discovered this bad boy at Value Village in Laurel, Maryland about 4 years ago. Vintage Dior for $4.50… say what?! Needless to say it is one of my favorite thrift/vintage finds EVAH. I love wearing it with tall boots to give it that fox hunting feel. Today, I paired it with a lovely cashmere sweater vest from Century 21, another thrifty designer find! And for a bit of color… candy pink lipstick and a glass bead “Chiquita” necklace I got back in college in Charlottesville. It jingles a little when I walk and I just love the washed out, watery¬†greens and oranges.

So even though the day sucked, I took much-needed comfort in all the soft textures of my outfit and the subtle pleats in the skirt that made me feel like a ballerina…

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