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My little sister is awesome. We had a little photoshoot on Sunday because it was such a beautiful day:

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The sun is shining, the sky is a bright azure blue and my spirits are unbelievably high. What better day to break out an old DVF favorite? This was my first real designer purchase. I got it a few years ago for ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), which is a big to-do in NYC, mainly because of all the events and parties. My company was throwing a rather large gala, so I figured there was reason to step it up a notch!

After much internal fisticuffs between my thrifty side and my stylie side (guess which side won?), I procured this lovely little number from my friendly neighborhood Barney’s Co-Op. Oh my, it was glorious when I got it home, removed it from the garment bag and proceeded to prance around in it at least once a day leading up to the big event!

That glee faded with time and this glorious monstrosity of chiffon and silk was relegated to my closet, along with all my other sartorial delights. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worn it, so I decided to couple it with a cardigan and a belt to make it more appropriate for day. Mission accomplished.


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