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Mama got engaged!

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Halloween was excellent this year.

Just excellent…

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I’m a little overwhelmed… In the past few months, I’ve cooked something (sometimes, multiple somethings) just about everyday. As a result, I have an embarrassing number of back-bloggie boos to attend to. So many, in fact, that I can’t even think about them right now.

So instead, I’ll back pedal into my old ways, and do a little fashiony post!

Here are my favorite clutches & various other hand accessories…

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I think it’s safe to say that my primary digital interests have shifted from clothes to food over the past year.

Perhaps this is a result of my moving from the fashion capital of the US to one of the more prominent foodie capitals. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a lot more free time, and have divvied it up between afternoons at the farmers’ market and long hours in my kitchen. Regardless of the catalyst, this is now a food blog.

However, my vanity has not entirely subsided, so I will drop in the occasional self-indulgent what-I’m-wearing/self-portrait post… And this is one of them.

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I don’t think people nowadays wear enough hats. I’m not talking baseball hats or f-ing urban outfitters fedoras, I’m talking real hats. Hats that people wore to church. Hats people wore to luncheons and Macy’s sales and trips to the Cape.

I’m lucky enough to have cultivated a small wardrobe of vintage headcoverings, but sadly, I don’t wear them nearly often enough! Planning to correctify that soon though, since the windy season is beginning to die down and I will no longer have the fear that my beloved chapeau will be blown off my head, landing directly in a gutter filled with questionable substances.

But until I have that opportunity, I’m satisfied with chapeau-centric photoshoots.

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Red, Blue, & Yellow!

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At last year’s Paul Smith friend’s & family sample sale, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon this exquisite collection vest. It was a small fortune, even at the greatly discounted sale price, so I hid it deep in a box of slightly irregular t-shirts and decided to sleep on it. Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, dreaming of how fabulous I would look in it as I pranced around New York City, so I mustered the resolve (and the cash) to buy it the next day.

By the grace of a power higher than myself, the vest still lay, undisturbed, in its cottony tomb of tees. And by the same power, and the superior haggling skills of my fella, I bought that bad boy at an insanely reasonable price!

I brought it home, lovingly cradled in my arms, hung it on a fancy cedar hanger and admired how beautiful it looked hanging in my closet. And there it remained. For many moons. Then I moved to California, where it continues to rest in my closet, unworn!

Until today.

Can I get a woot woot for the maiden voyage of this sartorial wonder of the world?

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Had another show last night, with super mod 60s styling (piccies soon, hopefully!)… we’re talking opaque tights, miniskirts, crocheted jumpers and teased bouffants as far as the heavily kohled eye can see. Due to the massive amounts of industrial strength hairspray that my stylist, Brandi doused on my locks, I am currently still sporting a very, VERY teased crown.

So of course, I couldn’t help but attempt to bring out my inner Bardot. Kept everything simple, so as to not take away too much from the hair – an easy cropped vintage sweater from Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn (snottiest hipsters ever work there, but occasionally you’ll find some good stuff!) and that ubiquitous American Apparel tube skirt. Rounded things out with my new dream boots that I got at Goodwill the other day. I adore the fit and the soft broken in leather of these babies… if only they didn’t have that ridiculous Janeane-Garofolo-circa-1992 chunky heel! I plan on taking them to a shoe guy to see if they can swap them out for something a little more demure.

Behold, my Bardotism:

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I waited in consumerist agony, with bated breath, for that most blessed of days to roll around: December 20. Sure, I was pumped for Christmas, but I was almost even more anxious for the 20th to come around because that was the day that Rodarte’s long-awaited collection finally dropped at Target! Yippee! I had missed out on the Pop-Up Store due to my reluctance to wait in a long ass line in windy/icy/rainy conditions just to purchase a bow belt, so I was extra excited to get my hands on the full collection!

Due to a monetary gift from my fella’s mom and stepdad, I was able to procure two lovely Rodarget frocks and a deliciously sheer mesh top with an oversized ascot-ish bow at the collar!

I know there was some apprehension in the fashion world regarding this collection – yeah, yeah, it’s a real departure from their normal aesthetic, but let’s think about this… This is Target. Target is for America. And we all know how (the average) American is with fashion. So keeping that in mind, I really think that these pieces are pretty fashion-forward and I adore them!

The first piece that I immediately plotzed over was the icy blue swiss dot dress… just omg. It’s perfectly floaty, the color is delicious and it fits like a dream, despite the weird “juniors” sizing! So far, I’ve styled it two ways: 1). vintage ice princess with a modern sensibility and 2). 80s-ish rocker chick reminiscent of a fuzzy memory I have of Family Ties when either Jennifer or Mallory is in a girl group that performs wearing poufy prom dresses and killer jean jackets. But instead of a jean jacket (which I don’t wear because they inevitably make me feel like I’m 12 years old again), I rocked it with my brand new shrunken leather motorcycle jacket, courtesy of Spencer!

Without further ado… the maiden voyage of my first Rodarget dress:

Look 1

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I went for a ride to Twin Peaks…

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