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I’m going through a loose pants phase… specifically, a wearing-my fella’s-pants phase. Perhaps the boyfriend jean trend has finally infiltrated my better judgement, coercing me to succumb. Regardless, I’m loving wearing slightly oversized pants and I can’t believe that I’m just now noticing that Spencer and I can wear a startling portion of each others’ wardrobes!

The other day, I was trying to put together what to wear for an unexpectedly warm day. It was just shy of 70, the sun was shining, and I had work that day. Heels have been killing me lately, so I decided that whatever I wore that day would have to go with my white mocs, because those were the only kicks I could bear to rock all day. Perusing the goods in my closet, I was uninspired. What to do?! I had 10 minutes to figure it out before I had to head to work. I slapped on a short-ish black skirt with my one and only 3.1 Phillip Lim piece, but it just wasn’t working. Aaarrgh… time was running out and my whole day could potentially be ruined by an uncomfortable/uninspired ensemble.

That’s when I saw them peeking from under a mountain of our stuff on the ironing board. Dark grey, lightweight flannel. Hmm, I thought to myself… dare I cross into that forbidden territory of my boyfriend’s pants? I swallowed hard and took the plunge. And lo and behold… I love them! They fit like a dream, so soft, slouchy in just the right places and hit low on my hips. Perfect!

And I was ready for my day:

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