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No way… Lauriebot’s back and making New Year’s resolutions! I, Lauriebot, do solemnly swear to no longer ignore my bloggie responsibilities.

The excuse for my year-long digital sabbatical? Mama got married! And not only did I get married, but S and I planned the whole shebang ourselves. Playlists and table settings, vows and menus, location sourcing and rentals out the waz. It was a beautiful 4 day wedding weekend extravaganza, replete with family and friends from far and wide!

But understandably, all of my time not spent sleeping or working, was devoted to nuptials duty. I was still cooking and baking, of course, (no matter how busy I am, I still gotta eat!) but I just didn’t have the energy to edit pictures and post. The shame! O! The shame!

Flash forward… it’s been almost 3 months since the Big Day. I’ve caught up on sleep and gossip magazines. And now it’s time to get back to business! Watch this space – there will be plenty of new recipes and accompanying piccies… I promise!

In the meantime, please enjoy this photograph of my exceedingly beautiful husband!

Minor crisis… back in a few days.

The other night, I managed to finally get my shiite together and go out to see Miss Paisley DJ at Dark Room. My attendance rate has been abysmal, mainly because we’ve had winter for nearly 6 months and once I’m home and out of the cold, I’m in for the night! But I’m so, so glad I could make it out to this one! Not only were the tunes fresh and the drinks strong, but all my favorite people showed up and Paisley wore this enchanting number. All the elements of a fantastic weeknight!

It was unbelievably fun, as is evidenced by the following:

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