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Rented a house with a bunch o’ pals on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe for NYE… wood-burning stoves, 2 feet of fluffy white snow, hot tubbing & being drunk for 24 hours.

God, I love the holidays.

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Mama got engaged!

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One time, I got a mean comment from someone that started out with a “ZOMG”. I assume this person was attempting to mock my enthusiasm, but I’m turning it around because there is no other acronym that can suitably express what I’m feeling in regards to the following…

I am now the proud owner of a chrome KitchenAid Stand Mixer… ZOMG.

Here are some food-related IPhone piccies to tide me over until I can get my act together and get to bloggin’ some more recipes…

Diner Breakfast…

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I stand by my initial judgment that Ke$ha $ucks, but this is amazing.

For one simple reason…


Thank you, 1960s Leonard Nimoy, for being so damn $exy.

It’s my birthday!


Nina don’t play.

I am an old fogey.

Despite his earth-shattering popularity and omnipresent manbangs, I have never heard a song by that loveable Canadian, Justin Bieber.

Until today… ish.

Here’s a ridiculously wonderful video of my uber-talented little sister, singing a Bieber song. And I’m not gonna lie… I got a little misty…

This is completely unrelated to anything…

During my daily obsessive let’s-check-what-countries-my-bloggie-visitors-live-in, I noticed that I’ve gotten a fair amount of recent hits from a few places in Mauritius, a tiny but apparently GORGEOUS island just to the east of Madagascar. We had a family friend who lived on Madagascar for the better part of the 90s and had my mom been a little more comfortable sending me halfway around the world, I would have visited and hopefully gotten a chance to see this fabulous island.

From what I could find on Flickr, Mauritius is apparently paradise. White sands. Unreal ocean. Creole speaking folks (and undoubtedly deliciously spicy food). It seems like the ideal amalgamation of Bali, New Zealand, Bahamas, and my dreams. In short, I want to live there. Now.

How’s the market for English tutors over there? 😉

Piccie obviously not taken by me, but with any luck…

TopShop has a new line of makeup, and subsequently, they’ve developed a delightfully flattering virtual makeover program for their site.

Mama’s hooked.

Close-ups after the jump…

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