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Not a lot of talk on this one – Just a super simple, super delicious recipe for giant sugary popovers! These came out kind of like elephant ears (no complaints ovah here) and made an awesome breakfast snack for weekend visitors… Prepare yourself for David Leibovitz’s sugar-crusted popovers…

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Many, many moons ago, there was a delicious crop of asparagus at the markets and I had a serious hankering for slab bacon. After checking out what my fave food bloggers were up to, I decided to try the following hash as a welcome home breakfast for S when he returned from visiting his fam back in DC.

It has elements of all of my favorite dishes… bacon, hearty/filling ingredients and a one-pot nature. All good things, especially when combined in a breakfast!

Without further ado, Asparagus & Slab Bacon Hash!

Started out with about 1/2 pound of glorious slab bacon, cut into chunks…

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Yes, yes… I’m sure you’re thinking, “Those bran flakes are all well and good and who doesn’t enjoy a hearty coconut granola, but what’s it all working toward? What’s the end result?!”

Firstly, get off my back.

Secondly… bam:

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Alrighty, so I had my bran flakes and was well on my way to full breakfast hippiedom. But a breakfast of just bran flakes would not sate my morning hunger. Oh no… there must be more!

And so… Coconut Granola!

Historically, granola has by no means been a favorite of mine… but since I was so pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the bran flakes, I decided to give this a shot too! And this recipe was even easier… behold!

Started out by combining 3 cups of rolled oats (a whopping $1.25 at my local organic bulk shop) with 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes. The recipe suggested shredded coconut, but I figured the scale of the coconut flakes would better suit the application. Plus, you can taste the coconut so much more this way!

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The next few recipes go against all that is Lauriebot; they are decidedly crunchy/hippie and I just need to come to terms with the fact that there’s a soft, semi-hippie thread flowing through this modern gal.

The evidence…I have a former Phish fanatic (like the kind who travel around the country, hanging out in fields and narrowly escaping hepatitis B outbreaks) for a boyfriend. Said boyfriend is also in possession of a Grateful Dead lyric tattoo. There are crystals in my house. My favorite aunt has a serious thang for faeries. Not only do I use energy-efficient lightbulbs, but I turn them off when not in use (!). I use reuseable totes for groceries and buy in bulk to reduce packaging.

Yes, there’s definitely a case in favor of my latent hippiedom. And, unfortunately, the following will not do anything to help prove otherwise.

Homemade Bran Flakes.

For some reason, perhaps it was the beautiful photography that accompanied this recipe, or perhaps it was the health conscious culinary ways of one of my coworkers, but I was utterly inspired to embark upon a homemade cereal adventure. I’ve always considered bran flakes in and of themselves as boring and borderline tasteless. Not these little babies! Sweetened with delicious turbinado sugar and almond meal, these were enticingly flavorful! So be prepared, for part 1 of Lauriebot’s Hippie Cereal Excursion…

Preheated the oven to 350F and sifted the following into a big bowl:
1 cup oat bran
1 cup whole wheat flour
2/3 cup almond flour
4 TBSP turbinado sugar (could also be pretty delish with palm sugar)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp fine sea salt

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As I’m sure it’s become quite apparent, I adore sweets. I also adore breakfast. And whenever the two are combined… well, needless to say, mama’s happy. So in keeping with this love of sweet breakfast treats, I decided to try my hand at making poptarts!


This was the general reaction whenever I mentioned my latest culinary project to all those willing to listen. Yes, I responded, poptarts… Storebought poptarts aren’t necessarily one of my favorite breakie treats, but I figured that since most things are better homemade, poptarts probably would be no exception.

And I was right.

Started out with the usual dough ingredients: 2 cups flour, 1 cup butter, 1 tbsp sugar, blending until I got a loose, dry meal…

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Hadn’t made muffins in forevs, until that lovely brunch book inspired me to get on it! Muffins are notoriously easy, so I had no problem whipping up a batch of Lemon Almond Blueberry ones for our Memorial Day breakfast…

Started out by preheating the oven to 400 F and buttering my hand-me-down muffin tin… My mom gave it to me (read: I may have stolen this) when I moved to New York and finally procured my first, non-group-house kitchen. It’s not the prettiest bakeware, since it’s old as hell, but it’s imbued with the flavors of ages and makes everything super tasty!

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A few months ago, I impulse bought this wonderful brunch book and I’m obsessed with it. The recipes are generally pretty interesting – it’s great at giving you new ideas of how to rock same ol’ – same ol’ breakfast ingredients. And it hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

In honor of Memorial Day (and in preparation for the 10 or so hours of day-drinking I had ahead of me), I ambitiously decided to tackle two lovely recipes. After flipping through the book a few times, I settled on a sweet & a savory:

Lemon Almond & Blueberry Muffins
Hashbrowns w/ Chicken Apple Sausage & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

The hashbrown piccies are especially pretty (due in no small part to the amazing vine-ripened cherry tomatoes I scored at the Korean produce market), so I’ll start with that one!

For the two of us, I started out with 10 little cherry tomatoes…

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Mama was hurting for some sweet, so I scoured my food supply for candy or ice cream or any other treat – but I came up emtpy! What to do?! This craving wasn’t going anywhere and I needed relief… fast.

After all my searching, I came up with two getting-close-to-the-end bananas and a half bar of semi-sweet Ghiradelli. The lightbulb went on.

Chocolate & Banana Pancakes!

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I like limes. A lot. I also like tea. So I put the two together in this super simple, sparkling iced tea magical concoction.

Started out by brewing a few PG Tips…

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