Alrighty, so I had my bran flakes and was well on my way to full breakfast hippiedom. But a breakfast of just bran flakes would not sate my morning hunger. Oh no… there must be more!

And so… Coconut Granola!

Historically, granola has by no means been a favorite of mine… but since I was so pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the bran flakes, I decided to give this a shot too! And this recipe was even easier… behold!

Started out by combining 3 cups of rolled oats (a whopping $1.25 at my local organic bulk shop) with 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes. The recipe suggested shredded coconut, but I figured the scale of the coconut flakes would better suit the application. Plus, you can taste the coconut so much more this way!

The next step involved a product I’ve yet to encounter in my culinary travels: coconut oil. I had such a time searching for this in Whole Foods, not really knowing where to start. So I wandered the aisles, first in the baking section, then the nuts&fruits area and finally a light went off in my head – why not try the oils aisle? Headed over and began scanning the shelves, lingering among the tall dainty bottles of alternative oils like walnut oil and sunflower oil, etc. I was coming up empty! Until… a ha! An unassuming jar of what appeared to be marshmallow fluff revealed itself and, $5.99 later, I was finally in possession of virgin coconut oil!

Sidenote: According to S (the former hippie) and M (my borderline vegan coworker), it’s the greatest oil known to mankind. You can cook with it, imbibe a tsp (for your health), deep condition your hair, remove makeup, deep moisturize those elephant elbows and apparently achieve zen with it.

Measured out 1/6 cup of coconut oil…

Scooped it out into a pot and added 1/4 cup honey…

1 tsp fine sea salt…

And 1 tbsp vanilla.

Brought the honey mixture to a simmer, stirring all the while…

Until it was all melted together.

Poured the warm honey mixture over the oats and mixed well.

Spread the oats out evenly on a baking sheet and baked at 300F for about 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes…

And bam! Toasty, sweet Coconut Granola!

Recipe adapted from Willow Bird Baking