It’s official… I just can’t get enough candy-making these days! I loved those Strawberry-Rhubarb Pâte de Fruit so much that I decided to try another flava and recipe – this time… lemon!

In my research I’ve found that there are approximately 4,000 different ways to make pâte de fruit; with or without pectin, with applesauce, with citric acid and/or glucose additives. Since I’m not quite willing to go scouting around pro shops for acids and whatnots, I decided to go with what’s already in my cupboard – good old fashioned smooth applesauce! This recipe was way easier than the last one I tried, mostly due to the fact that you only have to bring the candy to one temperature and then keep it there for a bit, rather than bringing the temp up in stages. You also add a LOT more pectin and as a result, these babies had the perfect texture!

Enough chat… lets down to the business.

Started out with about 4 juicy lemons… Rolled them & juiced them until I got 2/3 cup juice.

Then I gathered the rest of my ingredients… 3 oz liquid pectin, 1 cup superfine sugar, and 6 tbsp smooth applesauce (in the future, I’ll probably cut the applesauce content by half because I found the apple flavor to be a little too strong).

Poured the juice into my trusty saucepan and then stirred in the applesauce…

Stirred in the sugar until it was dissolved…

And then I turned the heat on, med-high, stirring constantly!

Stirring, stirring… until the temperature read 238 F (which is about the soft ball stage)…

You’re basically standing around, stirring for about 10-15 minutes, and I let my mind wander… not realizing that I had my bare arm within scalding distance of this sugary, bubbling crude! Eventually, I realized how reckless I was being and rolled my sleeve down, but don’t be like me! Keep your purty skin protected because this stuff will burn you like a motherfucker.

Once the temp hit 238 F, I poured all the liquid pectin in at once, stirring quickly to incorporate and then let it boil for an additional minute or so.

Then I quickly poured the hot jelly into my prepared pan (lined with wax paper). I used the same pan I used for the strawberry-rhubarb batch (8×8 inch), but this recipe yields a little less! I’d probably be better off using something like a loaf pan, maybe 9×5 or so… I’ll experiment next time!

Then just sprinkled a bit o’ sugar over the top and let it set for about 2 hours. Because of the high content of pectin, this one set super fast… there was no jiggling it around the pan after the first minute!

Finally it was ready! Used the edges of the wax paper as handles and pulled the jellies out of the pan. Sooo much easier than last time! It popped right out and the jellies were one cohesive jelly… the paper peeled away super easily.

Sliced them up into squares and rolled them in granulated white sugar…

And bam! Lemon Pâte de Fruit!