At the moment, I’m confined to the desk  of a low-responsibility temp job, cut off from the time-vortex comforts of my apartment. What better opportunity to finally tackle some of those back blogs that have been hanging around my drafts folder!

I’ll start it out easy… A couple months ago, I decided that I wanted a mandoline and that the first thing I would make would be potato chips (for its relatively inexpensive nature and crunchability). So I embarked on the standard research I perform when considering purchasing yet another kitchen gadget & attempting a new recipe. Combed the food blogs and the specialty kitchen stores.

After much deliberation, I finally settled upon this adorable little number, a plastic & stainless steel situation procured at Sur La Table for a mere $19.99! It’s completely collapsible (for easy storage) and can be manipulated for handheld use or it can be placed directly over whatever receptacle you choose. In a word: perfect.

So I had my mandoline and my recipe. I was ready.

Started out with two giant Russets.

Left the skins on (after I scrubbed them, of course) and then I got to slicin’ with my new mandoline!

It was at this point that I realized what a killing potato chip companies make… Potatoes are dirt cheap, especially the hearty baking taters that make great chips. I used two measly potatoes and they probably yielded about 4 bags worth of crispy chips! That’s highway robbery, potato chip companies!

Anyway, once they were all sliced up and lookin’ fine, I soaked them in a big bowl of ice water for about an hour to get rid of some of the starch.

Drained them and then dried each one with paper towels.

Finally, it was time to fry! Poured two inches of Canola oil (read: a whole bottle!) into my heavy-bottomed stockpot and heated it to 380 F.

When the oil was hot enough, I just threw in a handful or so of potato slices. I started out doing about 10 or so in each batch, but when I realized how quickly they fried, I decided to go in smaller batches of about 5!

I pushed them around in the oil with skimmer and about 1 minute later, they were done! Pulled them out and placed them on a cooling rack layered over a baking sheet lined with paper towels. While they were still warm and slick from the oil, I sprinkled a mixture of sea salt & Chinese 5-Spice over each one.

Mmm! I’m going to try baked sweet potato chips next!

Recipe adapted from Hungry Mouse