I’ve been going through a serious sweet phase. But I don’t just sit around gorging on candies and pies; I also gorge on savory things. Like the following…

Started out with about a pound of delicious, sustaining asparagus.

And chopped them into 3-inch bits.

And then, because it was midweek and I had a serious case of the lazies that prevented me from making my own croutons, I used some lovely store-bought ones.

And almonds, for kicks.

So two minutes in, I was halfway done! It was now time for the meat.

I got a couple o’ links of pork chorizo from the butcher and sliced them into  bite-sized chunks.

I think if I make this again, I’ll probably get a chorizo or some other sausage with a stronger casing. While delicious, this one was so wonky when I sliced it that the casing basically slid off each piece, resulting in something more closely resembling meatballs than sliced sausages. But I didn’t let the weird shape get in the way of dinnertime.

Threw a little oil in a pan and browned the sausage.

Once the meat was browned to my liking, I added the asparagus, croutons and almonds and turned up the heat. Then I just stirred the whole thing together for a few minutes until the asparagus was tender, but still firm.

Added some spice…

And bam! Asparagus w/ Chorizo & Croutons!

Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen