I like limes. A lot. I also like tea. So I put the two together in this super simple, sparkling iced tea magical concoction.

Started out by brewing a few PG Tips…

Let the bags steep for a few minutes and then poured it into a pitcher to cool.

While that cooled, I sliced up a lime…

And added a few slices to the pitcher!

Poured some into a goblet with ice and a few more lime slices, topped up with sparkling mineral water, and ta da!

Sparkling lime iced tea!

Disclaimer: I got a really mean comment from someone in Hampton, VA on this post and I was completely surprised! Yes, I realize that this is not a novel idea – it’s just iced tea with limes. But I do not write this blog to impress anyone and I will not ever apologize for anything I post on here. This is the last time that I will acknowledge a hater. xoxo!