After the Spiced Pecans and Spicy Popcorn, I figured I wanted to make something sweet and lovely. I was already preparing oranges for my magical tart, so what better way to be super economical than to use the leftover orange peels to make Orangettes!

This was my maiden candy-making experience and I encountered a few snags along the way, but it really was fun in the long run! Now I want to make candy out of everything!

Started out with a couple of giant Navel oranges and cut the tops and bottoms off each one…

I cut off all the peels and sliced them into relatively uniform slivers of citrusy goodness.

Then I blanched them a few times to help rid the peels of bitterness.

Drained and rinsed them in cold water before simmering them in simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) for about an hour!

After the syrup had done its thing and gotten the peels are slimy and sugary, I removed all the peels with a slotted spoon and placed them on a wire rack, expecting them to dry…

For whatever reason, (and despite the fact that I left them alone overnight), those little bitches refused to dry/drain! Seriously, 10 hours later, they were still limp and sugary and damp!

UGH!, I said to myself… what to do?!

At Spencer’s suggestion, I popped them into the oven at the lowest possible temperature and checked on them every half hour. It worked, but good lord, did it take forevs! Finally, after 2 or so hours, my little orange peels resembled little orange candies!

Then it was time to get back into more familiar territory… chocolate! I broke up the dark chocolate in my trusty DIY double boiler…

And it melted into dark chocolatey bliss…

And then I got to dippin’!

And before I knew it… Orangettes!

These were especially delicious and by far my favorite snack of the night!

Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen