Last week, I went to the Grammys! The evening was rife with famous people and people who want to be famous, talented musicians and otherwise. I wore my poufy Anzevino & Florence dress as planned and had a blast!

After our whirlwind tour of LA that morning, Shyrynne and I bustled back to the hotel to get ready. Quick shower, primping and strutting and we’re out the door, en route to the Staples Center by 3:30. In our seats by 4. Lights lowered by 4:45. And… Go!

I don’t really listen to any music that would ever be considered for a Grammy, nor do I get starry-eyed very easily, but I still had a great time!

A few observations:

1. I just don’t get some of the collaborations that the Grammys put on… Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks…WHAT?!?! The Michael Jackson “This Is It” scream-off between Usher, Ms. Dion, Carrie Underwood, etc. I did like the Elton/Gaga situation because I’m basically a gay man.

2. It pained me to admit it (and I’ve gotten my fair share of flack over this statement), but Pink put on a great performance! Scantily clad, sopping wet, aerial acrobatics all while singing a ballad… That girl’s got my props.

3. Beyonce’s weave looked great. I didn’t know the song she performed, but damn that weave looked good.

4. Ke$ha $uck$.

After the ceremony, came the afterparty… woot! I was all about that… crab legs, tiny fillet mignons, bountiful beautiful shrimp. Piles of fluffy mini cupcakes. Open bar. Neverending and delicious. It just kept coming… we left at about midnight and they were still trucking more food in!

Besides the food, the whole place was done up like a circus – dudes on stilts, teenage fire-eating gypsies, latex-encased acrobats. It was fantastic!

Cameras were strictly forbidden, so all I have to show for it are these lovely cell phone piccies…