At last year’s Paul Smith friend’s & family sample sale, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon this exquisite collection vest. It was a small fortune, even at the greatly discounted sale price, so I hid it deep in a box of slightly irregular t-shirts and decided to sleep on it. Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, dreaming of how fabulous I would look in it as I pranced around New York City, so I mustered the resolve (and the cash) to buy it the next day.

By the grace of a power higher than myself, the vest still lay, undisturbed, in its cottony tomb of tees. And by the same power, and the superior haggling skills of my fella, I bought that bad boy at an insanely reasonable price!

I brought it home, lovingly cradled in my arms, hung it on a fancy cedar hanger and admired how beautiful it looked hanging in my closet. And there it remained. For many moons. Then I moved to California, where it continues to rest in my closet, unworn!

Until today.

Can I get a woot woot for the maiden voyage of this sartorial wonder of the world?

Vest – Paul Smith
Shades – Oliver Peoples for Paul Smith
Lipstick – Vincent Longo
Puppy – Loved