I used to thrift… a lot. Practically every weekend I was scouring the Goodwills & Salvation Armys & Value Villages of the DC metro area. Then I moved to NYC where thrift stores are overpriced and completely picked over by fashion insiders. Now I live in San Francisco where there are great thrift stores with great prices, but I have no money. So I’m forced to go digging in the back of my closet to find things I don’t wear often in order to satisy my ever present desire for new clothes.

Today, my closet digging resulted in the re-discovery of one of my favorite thrifty finds – this giant orangey red wool kilty type thing that looks like it wouldn’t be out of place during Axl Rose’s unfortunate (yet kinda hot) foray into kilts in the early 90s:

I can’t recall when I bought it… most likely sometime around 2002, but I haven’t worn it in AGES! It actually had a little layer of dust on the hanger, which is really saying something since I moved with it this past summer!

So, I lint-rollered that bad boy and individually ironed each pleat into submission. Once I had looking presentable it was time to think what the hell I was going to wear with it! The pictures don’t really do it justice; this is seriously one of the brightest pieces in my wardrobe, like fashion-forward highway workers could wear it to protect against wayward traffic. The safe thing would be to wear a solid black or white or cream top, which I have in abundance. But then I remembered how I used to wear it back in the day…

With this little thrifted t-shirt from Costa Rica! The lava from the volcano perfectly matches the oranges and yellows in the skirt! Magical! What better way to pay homage to an old favorite than to wear a throwback outfit from my DC days?

Top – Vintage
Skirt – Vintage
Tights – Wolford
Socks – Calzedonia
Shoes – Payless