I bought a black velvet bralette and re-discovered my love for Michael Hutchence at 3:57 yesterday afternoon.

I remember certain things from 1988:

  • Loving my little brother’s afro.
  • Racing D’ante Blackwell home from school when that little bastard threw an elbow resulting in three scars splayed across my left knuckles.
  • And INXS.

INXS was a little forbidden… they, specifically Michael Hutchence, were dark and dangerous and wildly attractive. My mom wouldn’t get cable, so I made it a point to arrange as many sleepovers as possible with friends who had MTV. While they giggled over Madonna’s pointy bras and attempted to recreate Milli Vanilli’s sweet dance moves, I crossed my fingers and hoped for INXS. I was captivated.

As the sexy, shiny 80s waned to make way for the shoegazey flannel of the early 90s, my interest in INXS was pushed to the wayside. And now, 20+ years later, the flame has been re-ignited.

The catalyst, you ask?

A black velvet bralette top purchased from the clearance rack at Urban.

As soon as I saw this baby (and it’s deliciously cheap price tag), I knew I had to have it. Being the young thing I was in the late 80s, I of course was never allowed to wear all the superhot bodycon gear that was popular at the time. Now is a different story.

I think this will look great with really high-waisted things (my Diana Ross-inspired jeans, this Betsey pencil skirt), with just a sliver of belly skin showing… but absolutely NO belly button! I’m aiming for Herb Ritts here, not Kelly Bundy.

And for your viewing pleasure:

Top – Silence & Noise
Skirt – Betsey Johnson
Wedges – Modern Vintage