By some strange twist of events, it appears that I will be attending the Grammy’s at the end of the month. Let’s take a moment…


Now that that’s taken care of, I have a very serious decision to make. What the F am I going to wear?!!??!! There is absolutely no way that I can compete with the $20,000 gowns of the rich and/or famous. So I just need to make what I have work. Luckily, whenever I’ve had an event or party to attend in the past three or so years, I’ve purchased a dress. Thus, I have a cornucopia of dresses in my closet to choose from.

Initially, I was thinking of going vintage; it’s easy for me… comfortable, familiar territory. And I have this vision of heading down to L.A. carrying a single (vintage) suitcase of fabulous vintage dresses and nothing else. But then I had a possible change of heart.

Perhaps I should go elegant… make them think I’m rolling in green and frequent prestigious Hollywood events because it’s just what I do when I have free time.

Or maybe I should aim for fun. Just a fun-lovin’ gal who likes parties.

Oh the decisions… won’t you help me?

Here are the top three contenders so far and a little about each:

Look 1: Rodarte for Target w/ Modern & Vintage Touches

I’ve already discussed this one at great length, so I won’t rehash anything here.

The pluses:
1. The color of the dress is great and will most likely stand out.
2. I adore the accessories – vintage hat and super modern marni/pierre hardy look-a-like platforms
3. Very comfortable and looks great when I twirl.

The cons:
1. It’s a very recent release so the odds of some other gal wearing it are VERY high.
2. What other cons do you need… wearing the same thing as someone else at a party sucks.

Look 2: Reiss, Backless & Rich

I got this dress a couple years ago when I needed a last-minute outfit for the New Museum’s opening party in NYC. I found out literally hours beforehand that I was invited so I made a mad dash to all my usual Soho retail haunts and finally settled upon this electric blue number with a black mesh overlay at Reiss.

I’ve always liked this dress and have only worn it a handful of times, but there’s one aspect that has always pissed me off to no end: that stupid, stupid bubble hem. I ABHOR bubble hems, can’t tolerate them and had I not been on such a time crunch, I probably never would have purchased this dress.

So if I decide to wear this one, I need to get some alterations taken care of post haste! I’m thinking I’d get rid of the stupid bubble hem and shorten the whole thing by 2-3 inches. Below are piccies of the length I’d prefer (I just bunched the hem up and clenched it into place, heh):

The plusses:
1. It’s super nighttime/party appropriate.
2. It photographs well and the blue pops under bright lights.
3. It makes my arms look great!

The cons:
1. I’d need to have alterations done ASAP.
2. Open back and I don’t love my back.
3. It’s not all that fun to dance in.

Look 3: Anzevino & Florence… Architectural and Fun!

This is the sleeper favorite. I hadn’t even considered this dress as a contender until this afternoon. The sunlight was fading and I figured it’d be best to have three solid choices, so I quickly perused my closet, shook out the cobwebs off this little Anzevino & Florence number and instantly fell back in love with it!

I got this one for last year’s ICFF gala because it fit my criteria: black, architectural and shows off my legs. šŸ™‚ This one’s special because it has little ties strategically placed throughout the underside of the skirt so you can change the length and shape of the piece to your heart’s whim! I like to keep the whole thing asymmetrical, but it also looks pretty cute all cupcaked out.

It’s made of parachute material so it keeps its shape really well. And it’s just so modern! An excellent party dress.

So far, I’m leaning toward this one for the following reasons…

The plusses:
1. So fun and no one will be wearing it.
2. Hello, legs.
3. Super comfy and easy to dance in.

The cons:
1. It’s black. Is that too boring?

Please help! Thoughts? Suggestions? It’s getting down to the wire and I need to figure this shiite out!