Despite my love of dress-up and gorging one’s self on complex carbohydrates, Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me. That is until my fella, Spencer, came into the picture. Spencer lives for Halloween, like he begins planning his costume months in advance.

Last year, we had a MASSIVE soiree (6 in the mornin’!) at our Brooklyn apartment. This year, since we’re new to San Francisco, a big bash wasn’t really in the cards. Instead we dressed up to wander around the Dogpatch (eventually ending up at a warehouse party along the piers) and then indulged in the bacchanalian spectacle that is the Dia De Los Muertos parade in the Mission.

Photographic proof of our escapades… Friday in Dogpatch:

Nina dressed up too…

Monday @ Dia De Los Muertos Parade:


My Friday Outfit:
Skirt – Vintage Dior
Top – Uniqlo
Vest – Vintage
Jacket – Uniqlo
Hat – Vintage
Tights – Calzedonia
Shoes – Payless
Makeup by Spencer

Spencer’s Friday Outfit:
Hat – Vintage
Shirt – Ben Sherman
Jacket, Vest, & Bowtie – Paul Smith
Shoes – Vintage

My Parade Outfit:
Top – Jill Stuart
Jacket – Uniqlo
Makeup by me

Spencer’s Parade Outfit:
Hat & Bag – Vintage
Everything else (including the mask) – Paul Smith