There is a major difference between the lives of NYC dogs and SF dogs… SF dogs are afforded the luxury of basically being off-leash whenever they damn well please. I see pups running around, joyfully and freely, in just about every park in this city. Some of the older/calmer ones even walk down the street alongside their owners sans leash.

Nina is not one of these privileged ones.

My dog is so nervy and schizo (and fast!) that I’m afraid to let her off-leash for fear that she’ll get spooked, turn tail and book it home, getting smashed by passing traffic en route. So, I’ve always kept her tethered. That is, until we discovered Fort Funston beach, the dog-friendliest beach I’ve encountered thus far!

The beach is pretty hard to get to from the road, so there’s no danger of doggies running out into traffic. It’s secluded, with natural barriers everywhere you turn – ocean, craggy cliffs, forest. Nina is afraid of all these things, so basically, it’s perfect for her! I let her run free to chase and hump to her heart’s delight and it was a triumph!

Maybe there’s hope for her yet!