Saturday, July 18, 2009

The first day was jam-packed with last minute packing snafus, late starts and insane New York City traffic. We didn’t get officially on the road and out of the city until an astonishing 4pm, but neither of us let that dampen our high spirits – the trip had finally begun!

Justin and I have spent the better part of our lives in the northeast so the drive itself was pretty uninspiring, but I was reluctantly introduced to the horrors of modern gasoline prices (a tip: fucking box trucks get absolute shit mileage, we’re talking 10 mpg if you’re lucky). Despite our late departure time, we made it to our target city of Vermilion, Ohio along Lake Erie. It was ridunkulously late though, so we ended staying at the first sketchy roadside motel with a vacancy:

The room was fine ($60 for a little suite with a kitchen and a slightly leaky bathroom), but I was a little skeeved out at first – the first room they’d given us hadn’t been cleaned yet, so the bed was unmade, towels strewn across the bathroom floor and there was a box containing forgotten birthday cake on the table. Management quickly correctified this situation and we were moved to the little suite. I also thought it was weird that a lot of people seemed to live there and a handful of children were playing in the parking lot, despite the late hour (1 am). I went to sleep wishing that I’d researched places to stay just a little bit better.

Thankfully, Vermilion redeemed itself in the morning! The sky was clear and blue and there was a supercute diner just a few steps from the hotel where I procured  hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit, an English muffin and coffee for a whopping $3.75. After that we drove through the adorable town center and stopped off for a little break along Lake Erie.

We were off to a great start!

I-80 through Pennsylvania
US 6 along Lake Erie
US 20 through Ohio