Yes, yes… there’s been a patented Laurie absence and I’m deeply apologetic! But there have been lots of changes in la vie de moi.. Firstly, I turned 27 and, with the help of many, many Tequila shots, managed to have a lovely time. My dear friend (and former roomie… tear…) liveblogged my birthday over at her digital digs, KV Knows Her Fun.

Secondly, I finally embarked upon my westerly exodus (god i love saying that) and changed my residence from hardened, lifelong Atlantic dweller to easy, breezy Pacific girl. My little brother and I managed to make it all the way across this crazy nation in a Budget box truck over the course of 9 days WITHOUT getting lynched OR kiling one another. And now, I am a happy resident of San Francisco, California.

As promised, I documented my travels by photographing the patron saint of Adult Swim geeks, Space Ghost, from coast to coast. You can check out his journey at the tumblr I dedicated to the project – Population: Space Ghost.

Now that I’ve had a little time to decompress from all that packing and unpacking and driving and spending money, I’m feeling inspired to blog once again! In the coming days/weeks, I plan on laying out a photographically detailed run-down of the Big Trip. I met a nuclear reactor along the Great Lakes, discovered that I love hiking and hate Nebraska in the same day, practically melted in Utah and had many other adventures! Here’s a little taste of how excited I was to be in Gabbs, Nevada:

Back in a flash with more deets!