I’ve been a busy girl. Here’s the lowdown…

Went home to DC to visit the fam and had the absolute worst Boltbus experience EVAH. Short version – the bus stalled in the Holland Tunnel, and then again en route to the NJ Turnpike, thus resulting in an unscheduled two hour stopover on the shoulder. A personal revelation – damp, sweaty people smell like damp, sweaty bacon.

Took a boat to Annapolis, MD where I ate 4 mussels, 5 steamed clams, and 1 oyster on the half shell; I’m really not into mussels, clams, and oysters.

Gay bar-hopped round 17th St and witnessed a high school friend perform the most rousing rendition of karaoke “I Will Survive” I’ve ever seen. Also, re-discovered my love of Fosse choreography.

Purchased a pair of pre-distressed cut-off denim shorts from Macy’s for $9.99 (see below).

Watched Into The Wild – that shit changed me.

Shared my return ride on Boltbus with Ian Svenonius and he remembered me from my Black Cat, Black Cat days.

My pal, Elan and I headed over to Motor City Bar to have a few Buds and listen to some killer rock & roll 45s spun by said Svenonius. Here’s what I wore…

Top – H&M
Shorts – Macy’s
Scarf – H&M
Lipstick – Nars
Boots – Vintage