In preparation for The Big Move that will be going down in a matter of mere weeks, Nina and I made (what was initially intended to be) a quick trip to San Francisco to visit Spencer and lock down a lease on a new apartment.

The first day of real estate hunting was hopeful and surprisingly smooth; we saw 5 apartments in the span of an hour and a half. We adored Hayes Valley and found a 1-bedroom we loved as well as two possible backups. Two days of anxious waiting later, we learned, much to our chagrin, that our first choice was snapped up by a pending applicant. We went to see a few more places. Another two days of waiting, plus an extra week added to my trip, and we learned that every apartment we had even remotely considered was no longer available.

Disheartened by this unexpectedly difficult experience, I made one last attempt and lo and behold, we found it! A lovely one bedroom with a huge walk-in closet, big open kitchen, big bathroom, hardwood floors and lots of natural light! It’s so centrally located, it’s ridiculous – it takes about 20 minutes to get anywhere in the city, including the beach. I couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to call this my new home!