I’ve spent the past 36 hours excitedly planning a 10-day cross country road trip. I’m going to get to see (and photograph) America’s square states… plains, corn fields, rolling hills, riversides, badlands, heartland, saltland, deserts and mountains. To say I’m pumped would be a vast understatement. I got to take a cross country train trip when I was 19 and it changed my life; I can only imagine what an effect this trip will have on me, when I have the opportunity, nay, the responsibility to stop often and whenever I please!

So far, I’m planning on gunning it through the northeast since I’ve lived here forever and have been all over this portion of the country. After this corner, maybe we’ll stop off at the Indiana dunes along Lake Michigan and have a swim. Then book it through Illinois and Iowa and head toward South Dakota. Spend a little time at the Badlands (which I CAN’T wait for… the stars will be amazing), swing by Mt. Rushmore (cheesy, but a requirement). Then Carhenge in Nebraska on our way toward Colorado. Through Utah, past the salt flats and then through Nevada along Route 50. Lake Tahoe and then straight on to my new home in San Francisco.

My little brother has bravely offered to make the journey with me, which is absolutely awesome of him. It will probably be the most time we’ve ever spent together in one stretch as adults, so I’m hoping we can have fun and preferably not kill each other.

I’ve spent soooo much time thinking about (and jumping up and down at the prospect of) this trip, that today, I inadvertently dressed as though I were journeying through the middle of America:

Top – spoils of a past relationship
Shorts – Comptoir Des Contonniers
Boots – Vintage