The other day, my little brother was nice enough to drive up here to New York to help me move a couple of things back to my mom’s house in DC. He decided to hang out up here for a night so we had a lovely afternoon of Wii Sports and a fabulous, FABULOUS bbq dinner at Fette Sau, one of my favorite bbq joints in Brooklyn. We all passed out with meat sweats pretty early so Justin and I could get out on the road as early as possible.

Flash forward 6 hours… we successfully woke up early, got gas and were on our way to DC by 6:30am… huzzah! Pumped ourselves full of caffeine and mini donuts and things were smooth and boring all the way to Delaware. We had just gotten past the Delaware bridge, when I spotted something bright and oddly shaped on the rode up ahead of us. Justin accelerated (to the best of his 25-year-old, band-aid colored pick-up truck’s ability) and screeched, “OMG! THE OSCAR MAYER WIENERMOBILE!!!”

That’s right, we were neck and neck with the Wienermobile on I-95 at 10 am on a Friday. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity as neither of us had ever seen this vision of plastic hot dog splendor in real life before. Seriously, this changed our lives: