Lately, I’ve had the travel itch… the urge to just pick up and go somewhere else. I haven’t been out of the country in months and I’d very much like to rectify that situation ASAP. While I’m figuring out if I have the time (and financial means) to do so, perhaps I’ll just live out my travel fantasies through clothing purchased outside of the country, starting with the following…

I got this lovely dress on a whirlwind weekend trip to Montreal a couple years ago. Spencer and I were both a little strapped for cash, so we spent most of the time walking, taking pictures and indulging in amazing culinary delights rather than shopping. But of course, I couldn’t entirely abstain, so I made just one clothing purchase from a little shop called Lustre. The girls who run it were so helpful and completely sweet – it was easy to spend my hard earned dosh! I instantly fell in love with the subtle, uber-flattering purples. I put it on and pranced around the store for a few minutes, occasionally stopping to admire my reflection. After  a couple of twirls, I turned to Spencer and noted that the only thing that could make this garment more perfect would be the addition of pockets. And right at the moment, my hands instantly moved to where pockets should be, and lo and behold… there were hidden pockets! I bought it on the spot.

And now, after two years of living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, it still remains one of my favorite, most comfortable dresses.

Dress – Lustre
Blazer – Uniqlo
Tights – Wolford
Shoes – Pour La Victoire
Necklace – Isabel Marant