So, I don’t have a job anymore.

It’s through no fault of my own, just the times we live in, I guess. But, now that I’ve gotten over my initial reaction (tears, anger, alcohol, Rock Band, alcohol), I realize that it’s all well and good because I had long outgrown that position anyway and now I can focus on other ways to occupy my time.  And I’m really quite excited about that! I’ve got some awesome things on the horizon and I can’t wait to get down to it.

And now, just a few short days after the Termination, I’ve returned to my relatively rational self. My time at that company wasn’t so bad: I forged friendships with a couple of totally rad people. I got to take my first trip to Italy. I picked up a little Italian by way of Rosetta Stone (which I totally recommend, it’s amazing). I grew up a lot and got some totally viable business experience in the process. Of course, I wish things had ended on a slightly better note, but what are you gonna do. You roll with it, learn a lesson or two, and get on with it.

So… peace out, old job. It was nice knowin ya.