A deserted beach is possibly the best alternative to mood-elevators I can think of. Spencer had the day off yesterday, so we decided to take advantage of our time together and have ourselves a little mini-vacay. After a long (and unbelievably fun) weekend, I figured we were both in need of a little nature detox, so we piled into a ZipCar and headed out for an adventure.

Seeing as how it’s been unseasonably warm the past few days, going to the beach was basically a no-brainer. But which beach? It had to be somewhere at least slightly remote. It had to be dog-friendly. It had to be clean. Those criteria took us to Fort Tilden, an abandoned military base/nature preserve near the western tip of the Rockaways.

The sky was clear, azure blue and the temperature hovered around 80 F. Giant birds of prey swooped down at the sea to scoop up clams and crabs. I spotted approximately 12 people during the six hours we spent there (two of them, naked). It was exactly what I needed!

Dear Fort Tilden, I love you. Love, Laurie…

Dress – Vintage
Hat – Goorin
Sunnies – Vintage
Tan – unexpected, but much appreciated April sun