Finally made it into Top Shop! I was determined that Friday, after work, I would make it into this stupid store. Strolled on over at 6pm, and, much to my delight, the line was merely wrapped around the corner, rather than the block! So I got on line, called my mom to chat and in a matter of minutes found myself waved through into the sartorial bounty that is TopShop.

Two words to describe the experience – sensory overload. It’s not as beautifully organized (or color coordinated) as I remember the Oxford Street store to have been, but it was a magical experience nonetheless. There are TONS of things, three floors of women’s (top floor is knitwear and shoes) and I found myself  a little overwhelmed! So I slowly meandered through the racks, basically touching everything. There are these lovely brightly colored silk pants that I adored, but I just couldn’t fathom dropping $100 on whisper-thin, neon purple silk pants at the moment!

I was a little disappointed in their accessories; from what I remember, the Oxford Street store had an amazing array of bags, jewelry and other accessories that took up much of the ground floor of the store. I’m sure their setup has since changed, but regardless, you can tell that there just aren’t as many accessory displays at the NYC shop! Jewelry is scattered throughout each floor and most of the handbags, belts and hosiery are relegated to a very small section at the back of the first floor near the changing rooms. I hope that once the initial frenzy is over, they’ll consider reorganizing their accessories!

So what did I buy? Just a few things (we are in a recession, you know!). I bought a fabulous oversized ring which I plan to wear with my ICFF outfit next month. Also bought a thin metal leaf necklace that drapes perfectly against my collarbone. And so far, the only garment I’ve purchased is the lovely open knit situation below:

Top – TopShop
Skirt – AA
Boots – Steve Madden
Puppy – Awesome
Tights – Calzedonia
Necklace – Isabel Marant