Much to my chagrin, the crowds at yesterday’s grand opening of TopShop proved too great for me and my work schedule. I had planned on scoping out the situation before work and then trying to sneak in a quick perusal during lunch, but I was utterly thwarted by the line to get into the store; it wrapped around the block! I hung around for a little while before work, just taking in the mayhem, but was forced to make a hasty retreat when an overly peppy British woman came on over the loudspeaker and attempted to rouse the crowd into a consumerist fury.

Walked by again during lunch to assess the situation and I couldn’t believe it… The line stayed consistently ridiculous throughout the entire day, prompting me to mutter moderate obscenities at the children and irresponsible unemployed women who barred my entrance into this mecca of relatively inexpensive British fashion.

But on the bright side, I did grab a lovely oversized catalog and a few delicious freebies from neighboring businesses (hello Pinkberry and free coffee from the ladies at Madewell).  Also, it’s thunderstorming today, so I figure that should keep some of the crowds at bay!

Get ready, TopShop… you’re going to receive a little of my hard-earned cash tonight.