I’ve been deathly ill the past few days, like out of work, stuck in bed ill. T’wasn’t pleasant.

As a result, I spent the past few days laid up in my room sporadically watching movies instantly on Netflix and napping. Finally got a chance to see Teeth, a charming teen/horror/feminist flick about an abstinent teenage girl who just happens to have a toothed hoo-ha. It’s hilarious and gross and tritely poignant… see it! Also watched Can’t Hardly Wait (for the umpteenth time) and basked in what once was the glory of Ethan Embry’s lovely, lovely face.

And last night, when I was feeling a little better, I indulged my shameful, shameful internet vice of reading up on the Twilight kids… specifically, Robert Pattinson. It’s terrible, I know! But my shame is not great enough to trump my intense enthusiasm at procuring the DVD next weekend, along with the behind-the-scenes whatnot and hopefully a slew of deleted makeout scenes.

So since I’ve been out of commission, it goes without saying that my outfits have not been so fabulous – basically tiny shorts and giant Ts for 2 days. But before I fell ill, I managed to snap a few shots of my slightly uninspired outfit (mixed in with a few incredibly self-indulgent glamourshots):

Shirt – Uniqlo Heat Tech
Vest – Barney’s Co-Op
Skirt – American Apparel
Tights – Calzedonia
Boots – Steve Madden
Bracelet – Express