It was super sunny yesterday and just a little too windy to forego the winter coat, so I rocked my favorite red wool coat, but worn open. Now, I love this coat. I got it a couple of years ago at Betsey Johnson and it is my warmest, best fitting coat thus far. But the color is a bit of a double edged sword; while it’s bright and beautiful, it is also a very strong color that can be a little difficult to work into my wardrobe. So usually, I stick to blacks and whites and cremes when I want to wear it. However, today I decided to throw chromatic caution to the wind and wear it with this purple Iggy Pop t-shirt I got at Beacon’s Closet a while back.

Purple and red together kind of make me happy. Red on its own is powerful, spicy. Purple is quirky – at least it always seemed to me, but that may have just been the Hamburglar’s influence. But put them together and you have something special, something that is usually best relegated to boisetrous old church ladies in fanciful hats.

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors to wear, despite its omnipresence last year. I have never witnessed such a collective overdose on a trend until I was in Milan last October following fashion times. I was enjoying a spritz in the shadow of the Duomo, when all of a sudden, I noticed a startling similarity in appearance between members of the crowd. Practically every other person was draped in purple. A purple scarf here, purple shoes there, an entirely monochromatic purple ensemble over there! It was crazy talk! Thankfully, purple things are starting to die down a little now, so I can pull my purple garments out of temporary retirement! Woot, woot:

Coat – Bestey Johnson
T-Shirt – Thrift
Cardigan – Splendid
Skirt – American Apparel
Tights – Calzedonia
Boots – Steve Madden
Necklace – Isabel Marant