I never used to be so into shoes – seriously, it’s a fairly recent obsession of mine.

Well, let me qualify that a bit. I used to buy a lot of cheap shoes, cheap, uncomfortable shoes that I rarely to never wore. I had a whole closet (or two) full of said shoes, just gathering dust. So I’ve decided to make a change and only keep shoes that I actually wear, except for a choice few, I’m looking at you, vintage teal snakeskin…

I also vow to be more prudent in my shoe buying practices. To consider quality and wearability and not just allow myself to be swayed by color and prettiness.

This new found awareness was sparked by a chance encounter between my favorite (and very non-replaceable) olive suede knee-high boots and this little guy. It’s still too painful to discuss at great length, so let’s just say that Ollie emerged the victor in the Great Boot Battle of late 2008. Soon after that monstrosity, my olive boots’ sibling, the black suede knee-high boot, met a similar fate of forced retirement when the zipper went kaputz, the stacked heels hit the road and the cheap suede toe began its slow retreat toward the heel.

The premature death of my wardrobe’s two boot staples led me to a startling realization… I don’t have shoes to wear with more than half of my wardrobe!!! As a relatively fashionable lady, this can be described as nothing less than a tragedy.

So I plan to reconcile this and cultivate a diverse, yet practical library of suitable (and as comfortable as possible) footwear. I’ve already found my white leather mocs to be more versatile than initially expected and I’m doing quite well on work-appropriate heels. But there was still that boot quandary.

Luckily, I stumbled across a lovely sale at Steve Madden the other night and have finally found a replacement for my wear-with-everything black suede knee-high boots! They’re made of inky black suede and are stiff enough to stay up round my knees, but also slouchy enough to scrunch down when I’m feeling street. And to top it off, they have a moderate heel of just shy of 3 inches, which can definitely pass for everyday wear for me!

So so pleased! Here’s what I wore to work today along with my newly acquired miracle boots. (Oh, and they didn’t even hurt! On the first day!)

Sweater Dress – Barney’s Co-Op
Knit Tights – American Apparel
Suede Boots – Steve Madden
Trusty Pear Pendant – Isabel Marant