Last summer, my lovely fella, our fiercely independent puppy, and I went to Oregon to visit his family (and for me to meet them, GULP)! I was super pumped since I’d never actually been over there – the closest I’d come was taking a (wildly beautiful) train ride down the left coast from Seattle to L. A. At that time, I definitely considered the Oregon coastline to be much prettier than that of California and last summer’s trip only confirmed that opinion!

The weather was unbelievably temperamental, so in the span of 8 days we basically experienced all 4 seasons (apart from the snow). There were hot, shorts-worthy days. And misty, windbreaker days. And thick white fog as far as the eye can see days. I saw moutains and plains, forest and seaside. In short – I loved it.

I took approximately 3.7 million pictures, so here’s a smattering of my favorites:


Pictures from the following towns:
Pacific City
Yaquina Bay
Otter Rock
Silver Creek Falls